Is a marquee right for me?

We often get enquiries from people wondering if hiring a marquee would work for their event, usually people are deciding between a venue, and a marquee in a friend’s field, or even a marquee at a venue. Most people may only hire a marquee once or twice in a lifetime for a wedding or large party, so often there are questions that are asked regularly so we thought we would try and answer them for you here, and also give you an unbiased look at whether a marquee would suit your event or not.

A marquee will suit you if… 

  • Marquees are great for a family, fun atmosphere, for a place where a lot of noise can be made and a lot of laughs had. Where the sides can be opened up on a warm day and the space can be expanded to include an amazing view. Children can run in and out all day and you can choose a remote, personal location to party all night if you want to. Marquees will offer a huge flexibility to enable you to have the event that you have wanted.
  • If you want to have a theme to your wedding or party, a marquee can be a blank canvas to dress up or down as you choose. Most companies are flexible with installing a few days before your event to ensure you have the chance to have a good lot of time to decorate and personalise, and also to practice any ceremonies.
  • In New Zealand, with the weather as changeable as it is, marquees are great for reacting to any conditions. Inside a marquee in a storm is a very cosy place to be, but on a sunny day it is an even better place as it includes all of the outdoor elements to the party. If you choose an indoor venue, and it’s a beautiful day, and all the guests are sitting outside, it can often be a disappointing day.



 Both indoor venue and marquee events have their own benefits, some will outweigh others and will all depend on your own personal opinions and vision for your event. Choose carefully and try not to let the weather play too much of a part in your decision as it’s such an unpredictable factor. Think creatively about where a marquee can go, some of our very best events have been held on private land with a very personal and unique backdrop. If you want to ask us whether an area would work or not, get in touch and ask away. Include as much info as possible such as google maps images, photographs of the area and info on any obstructions you think may be a problem such as restricted access. Contact us now.


What type of marquee would work for me?

Different styles of marquee give different types of space, it’s important to look at the usable space available within the marquee, not just the dimensions inside. Looking at things like pole placement, how many poles etc. are important things to take into consideration.
Again this is all down to personal taste, but the design of marquees differs greatly. Each style has it’s pro’s and con’s and there are variations to each style. Below are a few of the different options currently available around Auckland. When getting quotes, don’t just consider the price, have a think about which style will most suit the type of event you want to have, and the location you want to have it in.


Type of marquee




clip frame

The frame is built first and then the marquee is pulled and clipped into place around the frame

Very good use of internal space, can be erected onto concrete as well as grass. Probably the most popular choice for marquee hire

A very boxy shape with a lot of cheaper replicas on offer. It’s been on the market for a long time so quite a common choice.

peg and pole

One or two large centre poles create a sweeping roof shape. Sides are pegged into grass hence the name Peg and pole.

Beautiful shape, very weather proof. Great for a vintage theme due to its traditional feel.

Can only be installed on grass. Set up can take a long time due to all the stakes going in, and then coming out at removal.


How big does it need to be?

It would be too easy to put a figure on this, like 3 square meters per person, but other factors need to be considered. For example, is it a ‘sit down meal’? Will there be speeches and so a focal point in the seating arrangement? Do you want a bar area? A dance floor? A comfortable seating area? A band or DJ on a stage? All these things will add room inside the marquee, as well as walk ways and room around
So before you consider the size, think about what you want your marquee for, what you want inside, and how you want the event to flow. Each style of marquee will have differing dimensions too, do you want square shaped, long and thin, or even round!
Most companies will offer recommendations and floor plans if you request them. If you ask for a diagram of where things will go, most places will be able to quickly and easily be able to provide a to scale drawing of your layout which will give you a great visual idea of  what it will look like space-wise.


Coming soon - Extras that cost $$ and How can I save money?

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